Who I’m Is…

naturally alise caricature

I’m a cartoon, will definitely explain a lot.


Rubberband man… oh wait, I was rocking out to some T.I., I am complicated.  Also silly.  Basically, I’m Alise, known around the web as Naturally Alise or Fro!  Known to my idiot friends as Alice; they don’t know any better.  I am sometimes a poet, occasionally a writer, compulsive tweeter, and aspiring interpretive humanitarian pole dancer.  Okay, maybe the first three, but the last one sounds fun.  Oh yeah, I am  diagnosed with bipolar disorder officially, and I am self diagnosed with everything else possible.  Seriously though, I am starting this blog to be an advocate for mental health, especially as it pertains to  the well-being of women of color.  I care about people and most importantly about you.   Hope my words can help.


Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, so Hit Me Up…

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