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the blues (poem)

This week has been a roller coaster, highs and lows… but pervasive lows. I’m hanging in there, because I am aware that the blues can be a bit of an illusion and my goal is to seek out some new colors. I wrote a spontaneous little poem to capture what I am feeling to document this depressive episode.

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follow through and what not…

I have started a million projects in the height of mania, only to ditch them completely when the depressive episodes rear their ugly head. At least now I know why. I always just thought I was a fickle person. Not the greatest attribute to possess, especially when you have to deal with jobs and other people. People tend to start distancing themselves from you if you are consistently unreliable. Oxymoron much?

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depression (guest poem)

A beautiful young lady, Cinawendela Nahimana, submitted a poem about depression and I definitely felt compelled to post it. This is the second depression poem this week, further proof that you are not alone if you are suffering through it. Feedback and discussion is encouraged. Enjoy this work from her heart.

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