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Denial is a hell of a drug…

The thing about denial is that it starts off small. Usually a situation at that stage is pretty manageable. At some point it reaches a point of no return. It never ends well. When you put on those blinders you will never ask for help, because you have convinced yourself that you don’t need it because everything’s just fine.

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Musical Chairs: learning to swim

I have a story to tell, but much like my mind it is jumbled. I won’t tell it from the beginning. In fact, sometimes it won’t be a story. However, it will chronicle my journey through bipolar disorder. I decided to put it all out there for reasons. Oh, you’d like to know the reasons I suppose.

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confidence rambling…

   allow me to ramble for a bit…   I never thought I was pretty.  Still struggle now.  A little extra weight.  Significant scars on my face from hair growth from PCOS. Hair that...

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