Birthday Musings Day 4: Compliments

Birthdays have always been weird for me in my mental mind.  I am usually super happy a couple of weeks before, but then as it draws nearer I get anxious, sad, and super reflective.  It also doesn’t help that a lot of my birthdays have ended up lonely days, broken plans, and cry fests.  I made a conscious decision a couple years ago to make sure that date is a celebration, because I traversed a lot of pain, struggle, and hardship to even have the chance to have a birthday.  I almost wasn’t here.  But guess what?  I AM here. I have to hold on to that fact like a prized possession.  My 38th birthday is May 7th, so everyday up until that date I will muse about how I’ve changed, things I’ve learned, and any other thing that pops into my head. Because, yeah you guessed it, I do what I want.

Compliments are amazing for brightening a dark day or putting a little glitter on an already amazing  one. Glitter is awesome. Anyway, what’s the most awesome compliment you’ve ever gotten? 

Compliment mom

My biggest cheerleader!

Mine was from my mother. Someone asked her how it felt to always be the smartest person in the room. She replied, “Well, I’m not if my daughter is there, she’s the smartest person I know.” Let the church say, “Awwwww…”  What’s yours? 

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