Birthday Musings Day 1: Keep ya head up…

Birthdays have always been weird for me in my mental mind.  I am usually super happy a couple of weeks before, but then as it draws nearer I get anxious, sad, and super reflective.  It also doesn’t help that a lot of my birthdays have ended up lonely days, broken plans, and cry fests.  I made a conscious decision a couple years ago to make sure that date is a celebration, because I traversed a lot of pain, struggle, and hardship to even have the chance to have a birthday.  I almost wasn’t here.  But guess what?  I AM here. I have to hold on to that fact like a prized possession.  My 38th birthday is May 7th, so everyday up until that date I will muse about how I’ve changed, things I’ve learned, and any other thing that pops into my head. Because, yeah you guessed it, I do what I want.
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2Pac had a point…

I’ve noticed that I have started to walk different.  Head high, always a strut.  My gait is not a game.  When I made this little change, I started to feel different.  Well actually I don’t know what came first, chicken or the egg. Mmmmm, wings.  Oops, got distracted.  Oh yeah, I don’t know if when I started feeling better the walk changed or if the walk changed my general disposition. Whatever it was, I feel greater.  Royal.  Powerful.  Everyday I search out the joy in every situation. I literally walk into work shouting, “GREETINGS, SALUTATIONS!” every single day even when  I’m feeling not my best. I figure, why not set the mood for a good day? If not  for me, someone else, it will all conspire to brighten my day.  And that, I ain’t mad about.
Happy birthday to me… almost.
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  • Razlet

    Once when I was little, I had a birthday party but got so overwhelmed by all of my guests that I shut myself in my room and refused to celebrate. 🙂 lol… I hope it’s a good one for you this year!

    <3 Rachel

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