laughter through tears (poems)

“Laughter through tears, that’s my favorite emotion” – Dolly Parton as Truvy in “Steel Magnolias”

This happens to one of my very favorite movies of all time. ALL TIME. Yes, I yelled, but I do what I want. Also, I am aware that I’m ridiculous. Now that we’ve broken the ice, please read a couple of poems sparked by a conversation with a dear sister-friend about inevitable pain, the beauty of resilience, the power of laughter, and the lessons that come with it on the other side.


laughter through tears steel magnolias




Despair is weird.
Funny sometimes.
I’ll explain.
I’m not gonna write a poem about rainbows appearing through the clouds
Being all beautiful and magic and shit.
I mean I could, that is an unshakable cliche.
But that ain’t what you need right now.
You should know
Refraction of light through droplets
Ain’t got nothing on
Joy when you have no business
Lights breaking through cracks
Flora through cement
Random smiles attached to written words
You need
Lifetimes converge with stolen moments
To make
Your fucking day.



pressure is a funny thing, but not like ha ha…

it can create and destroy

but always



pain is a funny thing but not ha ha,

it makes it harder to create…

and easier to be destroyed,

but i won’t allow the latter

because this is far beyond a laughing matter

it is my life.

and i am worthy of creation.

So time for me …

to abandon the vicious cycles…..

and running in circles…

I am gonna run ….

in some new shapes,

ellipses, rhombuses….

no. fuck that.

I am multidimensional.

I’ll run, walk, and glide in 3D,

run in dodecahedron …

excel in this sphere….

shit, I’m dizzy.



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