Naw, I am not to break out in a rousing rendition of  the Vesta classic.  Oh wait, I just did.  Blame it on my inner auntie.  Even though she kinda struck a bit of a nerve, also my karaoke game is unfuckwitable.  I digress.  Recently I was having a conversation that triggered some thoughts of some things I didn’t know I was carrying around.  Not triggered in the negative sense, but more like a catalyst for self evaluation.  Oooo, I should write that down!  Oh wait, I just did.  Self awareness can be so bae though, especially when you are in a space of loving yourself, open to dealing with whatever it is you find, and willing to purge whatever is needed to move forward.  Ya know, Pack Light and shit.

This was the was the question posed, “How do you deal with your friends’ successes?”  It got me to thinking, maybe I do have a bit of  struggle.  The longer I let it swirl in my mental mind, I realized that my deadly sin would surely be envy.  Now this doesn’t come from a place of being disingenuous in celebrating  my friends’ victories.  I am always being real when I praise my folks doing great things.  I have a village of amazing women, and I don’t begrudge them.  I am deeply proud and in awe of these ladies.  After that a eureka moment bumrushed me!  That envious spirit was a manifestation of self doubt.  Self Doubt was lonely, so it  partnered up with Envy and peer pressured Self Doubt to whoop Self Confidence’s ass.   It was quite the melee.  As we all know self doubt likes to play dirty anyway.

you are enough mme congratulations


If your friends are doing successful things, one way to truly be at peace with it is to realize they want to be around you. Apparently you have something special inside of you that they can see. Amazing people don’t want to be around un-amazing people. There is some level of fantastic they see emanating from you they wish they could possess. You have to stop discounting the fact that you are an incredible human. Yeah, you. We are all a work in progress, even your friend with major accomplishments under their belt. Keep on giving your friends those congratulations and MEAN it, because your time is coming, hun. You are more than enough. Self doubt ain’t winning shit over here. Not on my watch

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  • SoundsLikeNeek

    “That envious spirit was a manifestation of self doubt. Self Doubt was lonely, so it partnered up with Envy and peer pressured Self Doubt to whoop Self Confidence’s ass. It was quite the melee. As we all know self doubt likes to play dirty anyway.” You write so purty. You must be some kinda not so secret poet.

  • SoundsLikeNeek

    I’m back. Sorry not sorry. That was my favorite quote, but honestly, this entire post in a vision board. There are some GEMS in here and I really needed this. I love what you’re doing and how you post on things that are relevant in so many of our lives. I really appreciate this blog. So, I just wanted to say thank you. I needed to hear this with all the blowuptuating my friends are doing right now. You da bess…. asbestos.

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