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I was scrolling through my Facebook feed a couple weeks ago and came across a post by the writer of the blog, Blowticious,and knew at that moment I had encountered a kindred spirit.  Let me explain.  She posted the following:

“That time I created a playlist to get over a breakup…

Playlists rule my life. They’re my moods, my thoughts, the words I can’t write, and sometimes my motivation to get outta bed.”

I literally exclaimed, “BISHHHHHH , we are the same!!!”  My life and mental health is ruled, guided, and governed by music and the almighty playlist!  No, really I have a soundtrack to my life.  My playlists include the famous (I exaggerate a lot) Let’s Get Sad!, Love Love Love, Don’t Suffer Fools,  Love Sucks and Selfcare, just to name a few. I decided to use her post to make my own playlist of the Stages of Grief: Breakup Edition.  Click here to visit her original post and amazing playlist.


Here is mine:

Denial: Helps us to survive the loss. Nothing makes sense and everything sucks.

1. John Legend – Another Again | Yeah, we’re fucked up, but let’s try again, I mean we been together awwwwlll deez years

  “She’s not the best/But she’s all that I know”

2. Angela Bofill – I Try | Like dude, I’m trying.  Like really, really.

“I mean if you really, really care/Then open up your heart to me./Open up to meeee….”

3. Tevin Campbell – Don’t Say Goodbye | Reconsider, we can figure this out.

“I’m the one who realllllly cares!”

4. Boyz II Men – Please Don’t Go | Again, reconsider.  Nah, you stuck with me. No? Sigh.

“We can work it out/Whatever it may be girl”

Anger: Helps anchor you into your feelings. It reminds you that you’re real.

5. Kelis – Caught Out There | Bat to the windshield feels.

“Yo, maybe you didn’t break the way you shoulda broke, yo/But I break”

6. Loose Ends – Hangin’ On a String | You tried it.

“I’m not your plaything.”

7. Ohio Players – I Want to Be Free | Being without you is gonna be the shit!

“One day child/I won’t have to listen to your lies”

8. Chanté Moore – Bitter| Bitter.

“Just leave me alone, ni&&a.”

Bargaining: Can be an opportunity to mend fences with people. Or yourself.

9. Kelis – Can’t Get Along | Last ditch effort, though obviously unhealthy.

“You took my heartbeat from me
This is the saddest story
What was wrong with my love?
You took my heartbeat from me
Was it I loved you poorly?
Whatever it was, I just wanna get along with you”

Depression: Where the emptiness nestles in.

10. Anthony Hamilton – I’m a Mess | This is too much.  DIS TEW MUCH!

“You could have called you could have wrote you could tried/I rather you slit me cross the throat so I can die”

11. Eric Roberson – Pen Just Cries Away | So these poems and blog posts are gonna get this work because I just  can’t deal.

“It seems the pain just shows up on the pad.”

12. India.Arie – Good Mourning | Hello to this sad sack of a new life.

“Good morning to the pain/In the center of my chest”

13.Luther Vandross – Anyone WHo Had a Heart | How could someone with an ACTUAL heart beating in their chest not love me.  Is there something wrong with me?

“Without you I’d die, dear/Knowing I love you so/Anyone who had a heart/Would take me in her arms/And love me too”

Acceptance. Not bitter or even better. Just….here.

14. The Foreign Exchange – Valediction | It’s actually over for real this time. Okay.

“And when the sun shines/ I’ll show her why/She can’t keep me anymore.”

15. Lalah Hathaway – That Was Then | Realizing the past is exactly that; the past.

“It was like a lifetime passed right through my fingers/So long ago so much that I didn’t know/Kind of like a light shined down and showed me how/How to move on that was then and this is now”

More playlists coming soon!

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