a celebration for belinda (filled)

First things first, help one of my best gals, Tonja Stidhum, affectionately known as Belinda, realize her dreams by helping fund and spread interest about her web series, Wing Chick! She deserves it. YOU deserve to be a recipient of quality entertainment. Even if you can’t donate, your follows on her campaign matter as well and it only takes a couple minutes.  DO IT! … please.





Two years ago to the month I penned a poem for Tonja during a rough period of mental health in her life.  I admired her transparency and perseverance so much that it in turn, inspired me, as my state of mind at the time had many parallels to her situation.  The original poem was titled, a blues for belinda (hollow) [click that shit!].    I am so in awe of her journey and growth that I had to write a newer, more hopeful poem to fit her new narrative.  Gotta love new narratives.


a celebration for belinda (filled)

emptiness is meant to be filled:
like blank pages.
and unfinished scripts.
and theaters.and hearts.
flaws make the best plot.
perfection is boring.
your screenplay
is meant.
to be seen.
and the blinking applause sign
will light your path.
your doubt.
one day.
will exit.
stage left.

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