the blues (poem)


This week has been a roller coaster, highs and lows… but pervasive lows.  I’m hanging in there, because I am aware that the blues can be a bit of an illusion and my goal is to seek out some new colors.  I wrote a spontaneous little poem to capture what I am feeling to document this depressive episode.


blue gradient


the blues

by Alise Leslie


sometimes the blues are nuanced

turquoise, navy, a splash of periwinkle

but usually they are not even what they appear

and really are purples, pinks, vibrant reds

that your mind just can’t see.

colorblind emotions blocking perspective

the curse of being introspective.

so intensely focused on the turmoil inside

that you miss the spectrum of all that is trying to get your attention.

if only you could get past the blue raindrops flooding your brain

to dry land of sanity

and just maybe…

you could finally get to a rainbow.


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