depression (guest poem)

A beautiful young lady, Cinawendela Nahimana, submitted a poem about depression and I definitely felt compelled to post it.  This is the second depression poem this week, further proof that you are not alone if you are suffering through it.  Feedback and discussion is encouraged.  Enjoy this work from her heart.


depression word cloud




by Cinawendela Nahimana

Sometimes I wake angry that I’m awake
That my dreams are over and
Reality kicks in
I have to endure another day
With nothing to look forward to
No one to hold me
No one to push me
No one to share my air with
My space with
Angry at waking to another day without
Ashamed that the ones I live for
My reasons who glue my damaged pieces together
Only remind me of my
Inadequacy as
Angry that, no matter how bright the sun shines
I exist in darkness
Encased in a storm cloud
Unseen (deliberate or not) by others
Words of disappointments, failings
Thunder in my head
Reminders of bad choices, missteps
Rain down on me
The accomplishments of others
Penetrate the cloud as lightening flashes
Revealing all that I’m not
Why can’t I just
Be free from this prison of my life
My holding cell is cramped
With no hope for bail.
Visitation hindered by stained glass partition
What appears to be colorful intricate designs to them
To me…. Simply… Stains
So I close my eyes
Shut it all out

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