Musical Chairs: learning to swim

* Musical Chairs is a small blog I started a couple years ago to document sort of a musical journey through bipolar disorder and the world of mental health care.  I have decided to occasionally post some of those old posts and some new ones here.  I feel music is such an integral part of everyone’s journey and healing.  Many of my experiences definitely had a soundtrack and songs have definitely saved my life at many stops.  Enjoy the journey… *


It’s like learning to swim all over again, I have to believe that I can…”

artist: Lalah Hathaway

song: “Learning to Swim”

album: Self Portrait

international swimming symbol

stay afloat…


I have a story to tell, but much like my mind it is jumbled. I won’t tell it from the beginning.  In fact, sometimes it won’t be a story.  However, it will chronicle my journey through bipolar disorder.  I decided to put it all out there for reasons.  Oh, you’d like to know the reasons I suppose.  I kinda don’t know, but I know keeping it all in, denying, and lying to hide it before wan’t working.  So here we are.  I decided to name this project “Musical Chairs” because of how much music has always been a prominent part of healing for me and because of something a psychiatrist recommended to me.  Well I’ll visit the latter reason in another post.  Just bear with me and please listen to and hopefully learn something from my story.  I am learning to swim in this new phase and challenge in life.  I have to learn to enjoy the music and I have to believe that I can find a seat when the music stops.



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