happy is complicated (poem)

I inspired my own poem from the piece I wrote, the anxiety of happy.   You read that right, I inspired myself.  It happens. Enjoy.  Share. Discuss.


light at the end of a tunnel

what now?

what happens when you reach the the end of the tunnel?

no one talks about that

when you’ve navigated the darkness for so long,

your muscle memory is pain

knee jerks in the direction of chaos,

everything about your life is new.

coming out of a darkness of a horrible history of unspeakable things

this place of light is hurting your eyes

still trying to adjust

what then?

there are no shades

nothing to ease the transitions

no rule books

only lessons in the vernacular of wellness.

being bussed across town to a new school of thought,

and being expected to fit in

expected to achieve the same.

happy is complicated.


Love Alise Naturally Alise


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  • I believe this is why patterns exist,
    are so hard to break,
    are recreated,
    and unthinkable toxins are comfort zones

    happy is unfamiliar
    bringing complication
    which makes it easy to slip back and repeat.

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