avoidance (rant, ramble, or something)



That may work for Pooh and the rest of his compadres in the Hundred Acre Wood, but I highly discourage that attitude.  Lately it has seemed to be cool to give zero fucks about things, and maybe for silly things that is okay.  Girl, I guess.  I know a major blocker of progress for me is not allowing myself or others talk about the real.  Like getting all the way to the marrow and gristle of a situation.

Too often I am Pooh skipping away seeming not to have a care, but actually dying on the inside.  But all Pooh had to worry about was a few bees and maybe the occasional Heffalump.  When I skip away there is a big wide world waiting for me to deal with.

Sometimes you have to make things simple and plain:  no matter how hard it seems, try your best to talk about or listen to what is going on with you, it will make all the difference.  I know it’s not easy.  Sometimes avoidance seems like the easy way out. Trust me, I know, but talk about it anyway.  You are worth it.  You really are.



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